Baby Nail Care Set

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Newborn fingernails and toenails are most often soft and flexible. However, if they are ragged or too long, they can hurt the baby or others.

It is important to keep your baby's nails clean and trimmed. Newborns do not yet have control of their movements. They may scratch or claw at their face.

Use this cute set to  safely cut or shorten your baby nails.

Baby's nails grow quickly, so you may have to cut the fingernails at least once a week. 

This kit is your perfect tool to do that in the easiest and secure way.


  • A Clean protection cover to prevent contamination
  • A Baby special nail clippers
  • A Special Safety scissors
  • A Cleaning tweezers
  • A Special nail file

All the items are designed with safety in mind.



Due to the high demande, the delivery time will be 2-5 weeks